Follower History
This tool is only available for accounts that have logged in to our service, because we are offering the opportunity to take account specific actions like sending or deleting tweets, and follow/unfollow actions. Please consider to log in, so you can use this tool, and also make more tools and possibilities available to you.

For an explanation of what you can do on this page, please click the button below

Follower History
With this tool you can check the changes in your followers. When you check for changes we will show you the following:

  • New followers
  • Un-followers
  • Suspended followers
  • Deleted followers

At this test we can check the followers for accounts with up to 20 thousand followers, which is the vast majority of Twitter accounts.

We provide follow buttons, so if you decide to follow or unfollow accounts you can take immediate action. This is an excellent tool to keep track of the changes in your followers, and the reasons for the changes.
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